Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simple Joys

Rewind to 1 year ago. I entered the salon to greet Coley, a stylist I had never met before. She seemed nice enough, and when I saw the scissors tatoo on her arm, I knew she was a serious stylist. She treated me so well, asking me all about my lifestyle to know what kind of cut to give me. I walked out of there with a great haircut. It didn't stop there, though. As the weeks and months wore on, the haircut just seemed to get better and better. I didn't have to do ANYTHING to it, and it folded neatly under at the ends, and flared slightly out just where it needed to. This was the best haircut of my life.

Rewind to 6 months ago. Time to get another haircut. Coley is gone to a salon across town, so I try someone new. She came highly recommended by 3 of my coworkers, so I was confident I was going to get yet another great cut. Well...she must have misread me somehow. Maybe misheard me. Maybe was having an off day. I walked out of there looking like an Emo rocker. For those of you who know me, this is not at all who I am! I was given a rockstar haircut that I couldn't pull off each day without the help of 2 extra hours in the bathroom and 3 stylists! The days went painfully on until it slowly, but surely grew out. It may have been the first time I cried over a haircut. I shouldn't be so harsh - there were a couple days I thought it looked good, but overall, I hated what the mirror showed.

This month, I started to finally feel like my hair was long enough now to where I could get it cut short enough to do some damage control and rehab. I managed to track down Coley, the super stylist, at a new salon in St. Paul called Root. Can I just say she was totally worth the drive? She remembered me from last summer, and we caught up on all the last year had brought for each of us. She fixed what she could, and we laughed about how awful the last cut was. 40 minutes later, she had me walking out of there looking like a model.

You know, I'm not a girly girl, but I have to say I love my hair stylist. Unless Coley has a really really bad day, or moves out of state, I don't think I'll go to anyone else as long as I'm living here.

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