Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growing Me

In the midst of my garden challenge, I've been growing too.

There is a craft show this weekend that I'm going to be a part of; it's bigger than anything I've ever done before, and I'm a mix of nerves and excitement as it approaches!

When this show came up, I desperately wanted to do it with some other crafty friends. It felt safer somehow with the buffer of good company. Everyone I asked said no, and I struggled with knowing if I should do it at all. Zac even suggested that I pass on it this year, but something inside of me pushed me forward. I couldn't let go. I decided to do it regardless of who was in on it with me. I decided to do it for me.

I had to scramble to get everything ready. Over the course of the last few weeks, I have had a task list with about 40 items on it. Some tasks took 15 minutes, others an hour and a half. I've put a lot of time into this endeavor, and I hope it goes well.

When I sell my work in a show, I feel very vulnerable. I put my photos out there - some of which signify deep and meaningful times in my life. I sit, watch, and wait to see what others think of the pictures. I have to remind myself that I can't let what they think define how I feel about what I do. I need to keep asking myself, "Do I like my cards? Am I proud of what I've done? Do I see value in what I've done?"

I recognized the growth last night when I was making up my price sheet. Usually my main factor in determining the price of my items is "Would I pay this price for this item?" If the answer is no, I change the price. Last night, though, I held up one of my framed pieces, looked at it and said to myself, "What is this worth? What is my time on this worth? What is the artistic value worth?" I think I'm starting to see what I do as valid, creative, and noteworthy (pun intended).

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Blessing and a Challenge

On the news this week I heard that in June, we have gotten rain all but two days. My garden is loving this, let me tell you. The peas are beginning to blossom, the green bean plants are reaching taller, the tomatoes are beginning to form and those carrots that I thought went missing have shown themselves.

All this rain is great, but it makes gardening difficult. I committed to gardening in some shape or form every day this month for 15 minutes. I was just outside trying to pull some weeds in the garden, and my hands got MUDDY. Sometimes my hands would slip off the weeds because there was so much mud! I didn't dare step into the garden for a few reasons: one, I could see myself slipping and falling in the mud; two, I didn't want to leave footprints forever in the garden and compact the soil.

So, I muddled through my 15 minutes, pulling weeds around the perimeter where I could safely reach without stepping in the mud. I also spent some time admiring. I think that's important in gardening too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yes to the last day of school! Yes for the student wearing a hot dog costume playing piano in the 4th grade talent show. Yes for a line of teachers waving goodbye to students hanging out of school bus windows. Yes for good-bye hugs. Yes for summer well-wishes. Yes for good memories. Yes for growth.

Yes for a strong steady breeze under a canopy of blue sky. Yes for the hammock awaiting me. Yes for a great book to read. Yes for the grass beneath my toes.

YES! I say yes! to this day in all of its greatness. And it's only 5:00....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Checking for Growth

My favorite thing to do in the spring and summer is walk around my yard to see what's new. I do this almost every day. Sometimes twice!

We have had a gentle rain the last few days and it gave my garden a huge boost. Look what I found today -

Some plants are sprouting out of one of the mounds in the garden. Time will tell if this is the zucchini, pumpkins, canteloupe, or squash!

Green beans are looking good!

I planted the peas awhile ago when we had the early warm spell. They are diggin' the cool weather and growing tall.

And one last beautiful peony. I've enjoyed their deep fragrance and elegant beauty in the yard the last few weeks. They remind me of my grandmothers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wrapping up May and Starting June

May proved to be a special month for me; each day brought to mind another person to whom I could write. Before this month-long challenge, I would oftentimes get to thinking of someone during my day, appreciating them and just thinking kind thoughts of them. May made me take action on those thoughts and let those people know how much they mean to me.

I pray that the letters and notes that were sent out were a blessing to those who received them. It was a blessing for me to write to them and share the love I have in my heart for those people.

If this challenge had been a year-long one, I don't think I would have run out of people to send a letter to. Many wonderful people fill my days and my thoughts. Thank you to all of you who share your lives with me. You are a blessing, and I am grateful to have you in my life.

June started today, and with that comes another month-long challenge that will occupy 15 minutes of each day. I am thrilled to announce that June's challenge will be gardening. I'm very much looking forward to this challenge! I began tonight by attacking a very weedy patch of rock alongside our home. The weeds had grown embarrassingly tall - some about 6 inches tall! That's taller than the vegetables in my garden! I put on some gardening gloves that were gifted to me for my birthday and began pulling. What fun! I could quickly see my progress, and at the close of my 15 minutes of weeding, I proudly carted an armload of weeds to the compost bin.

I'm excited to see where tomorrow's gardening challenge will take me!