Monday, September 2, 2013

New Things

It seems that we are a little behind the curve when we give Feven new things to try.  When she was little she threw a fit one meal that she didn't get to use a spoon. We knew she couldn't do it - she had never tried before!  But upon her insistence, we gave her a spoon and you know what?  She handled it expertly!  This same phenomenon has happened with a number of different things over the last year and continued today when we took a small purple bicycle out of the garage rafters and presented it to her.

She has gotten pretty good at pedaling from riding on a little tricycle that we have, so we knew she wouldn't be starting from square one with the bike.  When she saw it she was so excited and wanted to hop on right away!  Much to our relief, she could reach the pedals and without hesitating even a second, she was off!

As she pedaled slowly around the driveway and street, she kept exclaiming, "I'm a kid!  I'm a kid!"  She felt so grown up on that bike - it was really sweet to see how excited and proud she was.

Here's a picture of the newest cyclist.  Please excuse the hair and wardrobe.  Our family was in our outdoor work clothes and we all were rockin' some great bedhead.  That's what holidays are for, right?