Friday, November 6, 2009

Found My Peace Again

My hands, still spotted with dirt, hung up the rake in the garage. Satisfied with my yardwork, I brushed my hands on my pants and prepared to go inside. Something wouldn't let me. Maybe it was the setting sun casting light pinks and yellows across the fall clouds. Maybe it was the pleasantly warm air and its absence for so long. Who knows.

My feet led me to the front steps. The cement was cool on my hands as I eased myself down to sit. I sat. I listened. I watched.

Some kids walked by, as did the man who faithfully runs the neighborhood streets. I see him almost every day with his puppy running ahead on the leash and his big headphones on his ears. His gray hair seems longer today...maybe he'll get it cut soon.

An older man with no hair walked by in a red coat. As he passed he pulled a tissue out of his pocket to wipe his nose. The air does have a crispness about it this afternoon.

I watched the leaves of my neighbors' trees through the empty branches of ours. They pointed to which way the wind was blowing. They were somewhat sparse on the tree - almost as if it were spring but their color told otherwise.

Ah, and there's the feeling. Peace. Quiet and calm. Where have you been?

I settle in, leaning against the stucco of the garage and stretching my legs out in front of me on the top step. I lay my head against the wall and close my eyes. I breathe deeply.

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