Monday, August 30, 2010

Unplanned Beauty

I want to take you back with me to one of our evenings in Door County. Zac had seen a picturesque old barn on our way up the peninsula, and he really wanted to go back to photograph it. I decided to ride along with him, and after we had taken our time photographing the barn, we decided to meander back to our hotel. The best thing about our meandering was that we had a GPS, so we could never meander into getting lost!

We saw a big storm cloud coming in, and as the sun was making its way down toward the horizon, it cast warm oranges and rich pinks onto the cloud. We pulled off on a side road, hopped out of the car, and snapped pictures to our hearts content.

As Zac was finishing up taking some shots, I sat in the driver's seat of the car. I heard a rushing sound to the north, and within minutes, a downpour was upon us! We drove along the road, navigating through the heavy rain. At times I considered pulling over to the side of the road because the rain was so heavy!

But then, it lightened up.

Soon we saw this rainbow! What a sight to behold!

After turning spontaneously down another side road, we were greeted with this view! Aren't those clouds magnificent? We were so thankful we happened upon the right place at the right time to catch these gorgeous sights.

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