Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Reclaim Your Items from the Thrift Store

Before I go into the steps to help you get your stuff back, I want to make it clear that prevention is the best method here.  When you ask someone else to "drop that stuff off at the thrift store," for you, make sure they know which bags go to the thrift store and which bags are all those things you're going to return to your friends at church tomorrow.  Hypothetically speaking, of course...

To reclaim items dropped off at the thrift store in error:

1.) Get all the emotions out.  Cry over the thought of having to explain to your friends why you can't return their ________ because your husband accidentally dropped it off at the thrift store.

2.) Once your head is clear, get the phone number for the thrift store.

3.) If after hours, call and leave a message detailing the items dropped off in error and leave your name and phone number for them to reach you.

4.) Pray.

5.) Go into the store as soon as it opens the next day and ask to see the manager.

6.) Look desperate (because you ARE!) as you explain the situation to her.

7.) If possible, get into the back sorting room to look for your items yourself.  If you are unable to do this, you may be waiting over a week and perhaps indefinitely for someone else to spot your items when you could have easily recognized them yourself had you just gone into the back room.  

8.) Buy your friends gift cards to replace the lost items.  That way they'll at least have the freedom to get some other items if they didn't really like the items they loaned to you in the first place.  Who doesn't love a gift card?!? 

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