Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Family is Growing!

Our family is growing, and I thought you might have a few questions about that. So here's a blog to address some of what might be going on in your head.

1.) Q: What do you mean your family is growing?
     A: I'm pregnant!

2.) Q: I'm sorry, what?!?
     A: Yep.

3.) Q: Weren't you in the adoption process?
     A: Yes, and we still are. We can still pursue our adoption even though we are pregnant; we just can't welcome a child into our home until our biological child is 6 months old.

4.) Q: Are you so excited to have a child of your own?
     A: Hold it right there, honey. I already have a child of my own. Her name is Feven and she's so awesome. I think what you mean is, "Are you excited to have a biological child?" and the answer is yes. I'm excited to see what a Zamber looks like. :)

5.) Q: When are you due?
     A: The beginning of March.

6.) Q: Do you know gender?
     A: Yep, we are having a boy. Feven already gives "Baby Brother" lots of love by talking and singing to him.

7.) Q: Was this a planned thing or a surprise? (AKA did you just become one of those statistics about people who are in the adoption process getting pregnant?).
     A: Not a surprise - this was a "planned" thing (as much as God allows us to 'plan') as well as a hoped-for thing.

8.) Q: So, not to be weird about it, but I donated to some fundraisers you did for your that money going to be used to give your bio kid a nursery that looks like this?

     A: No way, silly! We have all of our adoption money in a separate account from our other finances. We track it carefully and will not use that money for anything but adoption. If for some reason we are not able to complete our second adoption, we will give those funds to another family we know who is in the adoption process and in need of financial assistance.

9.) Q: How have you seen God show up in this pregnancy?
     A: Oh, so many ways! I have another blog post coming about's quite the story...stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, Feven is going to have so much fun! She will be a big helper. Our number 4 and your number 2 are due about the same time...prayers and blessings for the last half of your pregnancy. And prayers for transitioning from a family of three to a family of four.