Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Beginnings

A series of random events recently brought a small book into my hands entitled "Going Home: An Invitation to Jubilee." A chapter in this book was focused on the concept of Going Home, but not only in the sense of physically going back to the places you are also talked about going home to who you are at your roots. I think it's easy for me to get lost in the noise and clutter of day-to-day life and I find myself moving away from some of the dreams that are at the core of my being. I've decided to go back to those dreams, pick them up, and run with them.

Thus begins Spectrum of Amber.

Five years ago I spent some time in Peru and Bolivia. While there, I was met with wonderful faces, beautiful colors, new foods, and a truckload of memories. I took photos of some things that were special to me, and now I've decided to act on my 5-year-long dream to turn them into note cards. You just may be holding one in your hand now, and that's probably how you found your way here!

Enjoy the card; for me it is a realization of a dream. I hope that it gives you inspiration to go back to who you are and pick up some of your dreams that may have gotten overlooked throughout the years.

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  1. Love the blog!! Congrats, too, on your notecards! I'm so excited for you!