Friday, June 19, 2009

A Visit to the Farm

Zac and I decided to be part of a CSA this year, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA programs are good because they spread the risk of farming out among many people, create a connection between the grower and consumer, and provide those who don't live on farms with fresh produce each week.

Every Tuesday Zac and I receive a box of produce which is sent to a nearby grocery store from Featherstone Fruits and Vegetables near Rushford, MN. It has been exciting to receive that box every week; it's like Christmas!

In each box, there's usually at least one new vegetable that I've never had before. I'm thankful for the recipes they include in their newsletter which have given me ideas on how to prepare these new-to-me foods! I've been eating the healthiest that I ever have (mom, you should be proud), and I even found a way to enjoy spinach! Look out, some Popeye pipes are on the way!

Zac and I have been very pleased with the quality and quantity of produce we've received, and I grew even fonder of the farm when I got to visit on Wednesday! My mom and I drove to Rushford and got a tour of Featherstone, where we met wonderful people who are working hard to farm responsibly and raise good produce. Below is one plot that they farm which is nestled next to a beautiful bluff.

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