Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Big Reveal

How fitting that this exciting news comes on my 100th blog post. Such a milestone in so many ways.

Sooo...I have been working 15 minutes a day (or more!) on my business, Spectrum of Amber! I'm so proud to share with you that I have lots of things up and running now.

The first is my website designed by a friend of mine, Adam Costenbader. Check out his nice work on my site here: www.spectrumofamber.com

Also, I set up an Etsy shop so people can order my cards online. Etsy.com is a fantastic resource for a whole TON of hand-made gifts. You can see my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/SpectrumOfAmber

And last -but not least - I've made a Facebook page so you can get updates via Facebook. Search for Spectrum of Amber on Facebook and let's connect!

Check in periodically for updates. I hope to post a photo contest on my website in August. I'd love for you to enter one of your pictures! I also will be doing give-aways on my website and Facebook. So fun!

So, check it out! See what I've been doing with my time in July!

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