Friday, July 2, 2010

Connecting Strangers

The rain clouds passed and the sky became as clear as it was just hours earlier. As Zac and I drove back to our hotel in Door County, we noticed a rainbow marking the rain's end.

We turned down the highway that ran alongside the shoreline and our jaws dropped. The setting sun hung low on the horizon, dipping down into the expanse of lake in front of us. We pulled a U-turn as fast as our car could go and hopped out of the car, hungry to take in the sunset.

Many others were standing on the shoreline as well, all watching the sun sink lower and savoring the last few bits of daylight. Two children played near the dock, and one grabbed the other's hand saying, "Hurry! You're gonna miss it!" They ran together to the water's edge to get a better view.

We watched as the sun visibly moved down, down, and then disappeared below the horizon.

The children began clapping, similar to the end of a great fireworks show. We all joined in, young and old alike.

Bravo, God. Another day and another work of art. You have a way of connecting strangers with your beauty.

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