Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've been reflecting some more on Monday's post about time and expectations, specifically the line, "How can one achieve greatness with so few hours in the day?"

Being a perfectionist and optimist, I see opportunities for greatness on a daily basis.  There are not enough hours in the day to do all the great things I dream up.

And the things I dream up are really on a relatively small scale compared to the people in the world who have contributed to curing disease, overturning injustice, feeding the hungry, and creating peace.

How do they do it?

Recently a friend of mine and I were pondering this question, and began wondering if it was a matter of calling.  I could spend the rest of my life trying to discover a cure for cancer, but it would take a great effort on my part and a really long time because:

A.) I don't have any of the medical education, so I'd have to start there
B.) Biology doesn't come naturally to me
C.) I'm afraid of needles
D.) I don't even like the sciences!

Sometimes I wonder if I pursue things because I think they would be good things to do, but it isn't God calling me to do those things.  Inevitably those things that I am not called to do but rather pursing on my own will take me exponentially more time than someone else because I do not have the skills or gifts in that area.

Consequently, I may be missing out on a project that God is calling me to because I'm pursing the cure to cancer when that wasn't my project to begin with.

To achieve greatness, I must first ask God what He needs me to do.

Just yesterday, I was putting sheets on our guest bed for some friends arriving last night.  I had so much I wanted to do around the house to get ready for them, but I had VERY limited time.  Greatness came to mind again, and I wished that I could be a great host.  I could have fresh flowers in their room waiting for them, or chocolates on the bed, or even just a clear pathway from the front door to the kitchen!  Quiet as a whisper, a thought popped into my head...


Do I want to pursue greatness here on earth, or greatness in heaven? 

Thank you, Lord, for making the choice clear.  May I pursue YOU first and foremost, and honor the gifts and skills you have given me.  Turn my ear to hear your voice giving me projects, and may I not get caught up in greatness here on earth or in others' eyes.

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