Monday, May 14, 2012

Hair - Part One

Feven's hair is getting long, and I decided it was time to try some hair styling.  I went for poms - an easy, entry level style! 

It was difficult to get Feven to sit still, as you can imagine!  I was not above bribing, so while I was trying to quickly divide her hair into sections and wrap the hair binders around the little groups, she was allowed to play with Dad's cell phone, the TV remote, a new audio book toy, and honestly whatever else she wanted. 

She had a hard time sitting still, especially after she realized that I would accidentally pull her hair from time to time.  Her head was always turning side to side, and at one point she was crawling, and I was crawling on my knees beside her while still trying to put in a binder!

I did the top/front part of her head first, and decided to do the back in a second sitting.  Here's the first part.  Notice that I finally had the sense to stick her in her high chair!

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