Monday, June 24, 2013

A Little Something Goes a Long Way

We are in the process of preparing our home, hearts, and finances for another adoption.  Since January we have been financially preparing to adopt again by aggressively tucking away every penny in order to reach our goal of having a fully-funded adoption account in one year. 

To help us reach our goal, I've decided to sell off all of my Spectrum of Amber inventory.  Did you know I started a business in 2009?  It was a wonderful, creative endeavor that ushered me into a new chapter of life.  However, since becoming a mom I have learned how very little free time I have now (read: none).  I hope to pick up my business dream again in a few years when life settles down a bit, but for now I can use the blessing of the business to bring another child into our home.  Will you help?

My business was mostly focused on cards I printed from my photography, but I also designed a hilarious onesie that I had printed up too.  My items are available on Etsy.  Would you take a moment to look at my Etsy shop and see if there is anything you could use?  I've had a lot of people buy the card sets and give them away as gifts for teachers, coworkers, gift exchanges, etc.  You'll have to check out the bird house card too.  I had a realtor buy some of those to give away to her clients upon the purchase of their new home!  So please check it out, perhaps there is something for you there.

And would you also consider posting a link to this blog post or one of the Etsy shop links below on your blog or Facebook page?  My hope is to sell out of EVERYTHING, thus adding $2,000 to our adoption fund.  That would be amazing.

Thank you so much for considering doing a little something.  Together our little somethings will go a long way...all the way to Ethiopia.

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