Monday, June 14, 2010

A Blessing and a Challenge

On the news this week I heard that in June, we have gotten rain all but two days. My garden is loving this, let me tell you. The peas are beginning to blossom, the green bean plants are reaching taller, the tomatoes are beginning to form and those carrots that I thought went missing have shown themselves.

All this rain is great, but it makes gardening difficult. I committed to gardening in some shape or form every day this month for 15 minutes. I was just outside trying to pull some weeds in the garden, and my hands got MUDDY. Sometimes my hands would slip off the weeds because there was so much mud! I didn't dare step into the garden for a few reasons: one, I could see myself slipping and falling in the mud; two, I didn't want to leave footprints forever in the garden and compact the soil.

So, I muddled through my 15 minutes, pulling weeds around the perimeter where I could safely reach without stepping in the mud. I also spent some time admiring. I think that's important in gardening too!

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