Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Reflection

As the calendar flips to December, I find myself turning inward. I'm searching for quiet and contemplative time. I'm creative space in my life to soak in all of the wonderful things about the Christmas season, and to examine again the meaning behind it all.

One of my favorite things about Advent is a devotional book I use called Child of the Light. It is written by Beth A. Richardson, and her writing in this book resonates very deeply within me. She says in the opening chapter that,
"The demands of the culture and of my own expectations overwhelm me at a time when I want to be more and more focused on God and the sacred events of Christmas."

I too have felt frantic and stressed trying to fit in all of the holiday parties, parades, TV specials, cooking, shopping, decorating, cleaning, and planning. At a time when we are to be preparing our hearts for the coming of our Savior, we are stressed and frazzled and consumed by our expectations.

In contrast to the chaos, her devotional has me reflecting on a different Advent hymn each week until Christmas, letting the lyrics soak in and thinking about what it means for my Savior to come. I love it. I love the daily reminder to lean into God and the real meaning of the season.

Inspired (again) by this devotional, my posts will be more sparse this month. I want to meditate, reflect, and be present in each moment of Advent and Christmas. I hope that you too can do the same. If you come and check my blog and there isn't anything there, please use that "found" time to prepare your heart for Christmas. Together we can create calm amidst the chaos and savor the beautiful holiday that is Christmas.

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