Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30 - Project Reflection

December begins in 2 short hours. As I reflect back on my November blogging challenge, I can't help marveling at what I learned.

I realized that it isn't really a big deal to pull the sewing machine out. I used to not sew very much because it felt like such a chore to get "everything" out. Well, it turns out "everything" is a sewing machine, one fabric bin, and a small sewing box. Not a big deal. Very doable.

Some days were difficult; November was an extremely busy month and I didn't always have the energy to start a project, photograph it, and blog about it...but I did. There is something beautiful and rewarding about discipline. I saw the benefits of forming a habit.

I had the opportunity to challenge myself creatively. I began the month with a list of possibilities, and more ideas sprang up in the midst of projects. I have about 10 leftover ideas that I didn't use! When I started the month I wondered how I'd come up with enough, now I have leftovers!

I have changed how I view fabric and worn-out items. I was driving to work yesterday and realized that my thin, pink knit mittens were getting to be even thinner in some spots. I am not sure how to repair the holes and wondered how much longer they were going to last. I looked at them and began to see the fingers as little ballerina legs. I think when the mittens go I'm going to cut off two of the fingers, put a little stuffing in them, and begin making a small doll. I would have NEVER thought about that before my blogging challenge.

What a fun journey this has been. Thank you for walking with me! Below is a list of my five favorite projects. What were some of your favorites?

Plastic Bag Holder
Shirt Bag

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