Monday, February 27, 2012

Ethiopia - The First Smile


Dear Feven,
You laughed for us today!  We were hoping for one smile and we got so many smiles and a laugh!  It was more than we could imagine.  What made you laugh the most was going up to you with one hand and saying, "hey hey hey" while tickling your tummy.  Also, Daddy would hold you and I would start on one side of the room and creep toward you and tickle your tummy.  You would smile in anticipation as I got closer and closer.  It was simply delightful to see you smile so much.  What a gift!

Also, both morning and afternoon, you fell asleep in my arms.  It was so special.  I love when you do that.  We had so much fun with you today.  I wish you could come home with us now.  I pray that our time away is short and we can come back again quickly to get you.

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