Monday, February 13, 2012

Ethiopia - We Have Arrived


We have landed after a long day of travel, and tonight we are in our daughter's birth country.  Walking out of the airport a sprinkle of rain was falling and it brought out the dusty smell of the pavement.  There were tropical trees and shrubs and the temperature was wonderful.

All around us people were carrying luggage and drivers were searching for passengers and people were waiting in a very long line.  Although there were many people, it didn't feel as stressful as back home.

We rode with our driver and translator through the night air, navigating streets and curves.  We finally pulled into a smaller, narrow gravel alley and soon we stopped in what seemed to be a neighborhood where everyone was already in bed.

A man opened the gate and we were escorted into a beautiful home.  We were greeted by 4 women who told us about our room and the guesthouse, and the details after that are a blur.  We have not slept in 32 hours.  Time. For. Bed.  That is, if we can even sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow we meet our daughter!!!


  1. expect us to wait a few days before hearing how you met? Not fair. :)