Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ethiopia - Waiting and Watching


I am sitting in the alley, waiting for the van to come and pick us up to see Feven.  It is another beautiful day.  The people who pass by in the alley are friendly and if I wave they usually smile or wave too.  Some of the kids that walk by have maroon pants, dresses, or skirts.  These are their school uniforms.  They are heading to class.

I feel less tired today.  Both Zac and I were up at 3am again and we laid awake for a few hours before finally (yay!) falling back asleep.

I have more mental energy to learn the language and am ready to try new things today.  It is amazing to see what sleep can do.  :)

Zac and I came up with a few more ideas of things to do with Feven today.  I think we were all getting a little bored with the room we were in for so many hours yesterday.  We hope to walk around the complex more today, and maybe play a little bit with the older kids with Feven.

From where I sit, I see some palm trees.  Not tall, maybe just 1 story tall.  There are also what look like pine trees, but they are much skinnier than by our home and a little more sparse.  The mornings are cool, and it's pants and sweatshirt weather.  Midday brings with it t-shirt weather, and then back to a sweatshirt in the evening.  It couldn't be more perfect.

Van is here - off to see Feven!

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