Friday, October 5, 2012

The Phone

Feven LOVES to play with our cell phones.  Her Auntie graciously (and wisely) gave us one of her old cell phones for Feven to play with so she doesn't use ours all the time.  Typically this hasn't been a problem and it's been more of a good thing.  However, I had my first real qualms with Feven's cell phone use this morning.

For whatever reason, Feven was getting a lot of phone calls during our time reading together.  She and I were snuggled into our reading corner and going through book after book when she started getting the calls.  She'd pick up her phone and say "Huh-o" and babble for a minute and put it down again.  A page or two later she'd pick up the phone again, "Huh-o" and babble on. 

WHAT IS GOING ON?  First of all, the phone doesn't have a battery in it, so all the "calls" she was getting were made-up.  Secondly, Zac and I make a point to NOT answer our phones when we are with her except for family calls or potential emergencies.  Thirdly, I have never EVER (not that I can recall) answered my phone when she and I are reading together.  How did she come up with this?

Funny enough, I was actually getting annoyed with her cell phone use.  Seriously annoyed!  I thought, "Can't we just get through one book without you answering your phone?" 

I wonder how many children of ours think that same thing. 

It was a good reminder for me to reign in my cell phone use with her again and honestly examine if I am on the phone too much in her presence.

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