Thursday, December 6, 2012

Learning to Live

If you've read three or more posts on this blog, you're bound to have an idea how I desire to live fully yet get bogged down in to-do lists and logistics.  It's a constant battle for me, and many days I feel I'm losing. 

Today I had a sweet victory which can only be credited to Feven.

This morning a dear and brave friend invited us over to her house to paint Christmas wrapping paper with her and her children.  I loved this project for many reasons: we were reusing packing paper that came in shipments she had received from online stores, we made our own stamps by wrapping string around tissue boxes and blocks, there were a variety of paint colors to mix and match, and we were spending time with good friends. 

Feven and I arrived in our paint clothes and were quickly swept into the project.  With Feven in my lap, I tried to teach her how to paint.  She enjoyed dipping the tissue box in the paint and pressing it on the paper for a few minutes, but then the urge was too much for her and she tried to touch the paint.

Now, having a messy tissue box is one thing, but having a messy child is another.  The child can do far more damage to a room than an immobile tissue box.  I tried and tried and held her off for as long as I could, but soon it was unbearable and it was just time to let her touch the paint. 

She reached for it with boldness and placed her entire hand in the paint.  She made a few blob hand prints on the paper, but was more interested in smooshing around the paint.  After a few moments, she reached for my hand and got paint all over my wrist and forearm.  Oh my, this was going to be a disaster!  I gave in and just let her lead my hand where she would. 

And do you know where she brought my hand? 

To the paint.  She took me by the wrist and pressed my palm into the cool, wet paint.  I looked up at my friend and we smiled.  I proceeded to make a few hand prints of my own on the paper.  What the heck, right?

Feven helped me dive in today.  I was too worried about messes and how we were supposed to be painting and it was as if she said, "C'mon, Mom, give this a try.  You're going to LOVE it!"

Leave it to her to break down my barriers of propriety so I could live fully.

Thank you, Fevo.  I have a lot to learn from you. 

And thank you, dear friend, for the sweet memories made this morning.

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