Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Luxury of Time

This December has been unusual.  It's typically a month where my expectations greatly exceed the realm of possibility and I rush around trying to grasp just a touch of what I think I'm supposed to be thinking, feeling, and doing.  This December is uncharacteristically...quiet. 

Our family's fall schedule had us running around like crazy people and December was the welcomed finished line.  It was the tape that broke as we gasped for breath from running for 3 months straight.  Now that we're here, it feels just as good as I thought it would.

In a month that has so much to offer, it is a complete luxury to have time to enjoy some special things.  For example, we had no plans one warmish December evening, so we went as a family to the Holidazzle Parade downtown.  It was on a whim and we had a blast.  Feven loved seeing the floats covered in lights coming down the street.  Each time one passed, she would look up at us with her big eyes and ask for, "more?  more?" 

Zac and I grabbed cups of hot cocoa one evening and sat in the living room, admiring the newly-decorated tree.  Our conversation was without agenda, and meandered here and there uninterrupted by children, phone calls, or chores.  It was a treasure.

Yesterday Feven asked to play in the snow.  We had no plans all day, and so it was easy to grant her this wish.  We put our winter gear on and went into the backyard where I built her a horse and a puppy to sit on.  The temperature was a beautiful 36 degrees with warm sun and no wind.  We could have stayed out there forever.  Before we went in we also threw snowballs, crawled in the snow, and pretended WE were horses.  What a wonderful, memory-making afternoon.  All because we had TIME.

I'm beginning to think that the sweetest things in life happen when there is no agenda. 

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  1. beautiful, and I agree
    this five months home with Ephrem has given me the treasure of time and I am so very very grateful