Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Great Gift

This year my business, Spectrum of Amber, held a charity photo contest. Entrants were asked to submit a photo that represented the heart of their favorite charity. I received some great entries, but the one that won the judges hearts was the photo below, submitted for the Minneapolis-based non-profit, Latreia.

Kelly Matthias, the photographer, writes, "I have a fascination with flowering vines on walls, and I think because it is such a striking visual analogy of something beautiful blossoming despite harsh conditions. The same is true for the youth who come to Minneapolis to learn and serve in the city. We have heard so many testimonies of how youth have grown up without a parent, been abused as a child, or just never had anyone in their life to support them in their spiritual walk, and yet it is often these same youth who are the ones who flourish on their Urban Plunge trip. They are the ones who, through their story and their faith, inspire not only their peers but also the adults and our staff. Often it is those who have the furthest to climb who blossom the brightest!"

Kelly's photo is now a note card, and for each Latreia note card sold in 2010, Spectrum of Amber will donate $0.75 to Latreia. Would you consider purchasing a Latreia note card set for your holiday giving this year? These note cards are ideal gifts for teachers, pastors, daycare providers, and stylists, as well as friends and relatives. If you purchase 2 boxed sets of Latria cards, you will have made a donation of nearly $10 to Latreia! Just think of the good we could do together for this wonderful, local non-profit!

So get your shopping done and support a great non-profit too! To purchase your Latreia note card sets, visit my Etsy shop or contact me via email at


  1. Hey, I'm the first to comment. Maybe if I'm the only one, then I'll win! Love the pic! - Jayme

  2. Amber these cards are beautiful. Diedre

  3. enter me! :o)

  4. not only is that a beautiful picture, but a wonderful description of our city's youth!

  5. I want to be in the contest too!! I love your cards :)

  6. Way cool. I might need to check out those cards soon...