Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small World

I got to attend my first Twins game at Target Field tonight! It was an amazing experience for many reasons: we had awesome seats, it was a gorgeous night, and I ran into people who have connections to my hometown.

I'll start with the awesome seats. We were given two tickets in the 8th row. Not the 8th row in the upper tier...the 8th row. Period! And actually it seemed more like the 4th row because there was a camera pit in front of us which took up the first 4 rows. Friends, I could see blades of grass! BLADES OF GRASS! I didn't feel worthy to be there!

The night was cool, but I was comfortable in a sweatshirt and coat. Every now and then a fresh, cool breeze would blow across the field and I swear I could smell the grass. Gorgeous evening. I saw the orange setting sun reflected off the Minneapolis bliss.

And lastly, somewhere in the 8th inning, we started talking to the couple next to us who also happened to be attending their first game in Target Field. They were from the southern part of the state and our hometowns actually played each other in high school sports! AND, the husband has done work on farms in my hometown! He listed off some family names, and I actually went to school with some of them. Crazy small world.

What a wonderful evening!

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