Saturday, April 30, 2011

Have Your Pad Thai (and eat it too!)

What was the last thing you did that made you nervous or anxious? That thing you were planning or test you were taking or person you wanted to talk to? Yeah, the one that made your feet sweat just thinking about it? I had something like that this, well two somethings like that this weekend.

Today was the culmination of months of planning for two different events. The first was a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine which I hosted with two other bridesmaids this morning. Our friend is so very special to us and we wanted to make her shower was special as she is. We spent most of Friday evening and Saturday morning shopping, baking, and decorating.

The second was a client event for my marketing job which was held tonight at Calhoun Square. My boss is celebrating 25 years as a financial planner and we wanted to honor him and also honor our clients. Not a small task! The marketing department at my work was in charge of this event. The marketing department is comprised of: me. I felt a lot of weight on my shoulders (placed there by me) to make sure the event ran smoothly and was everything we hoped it would be. I had support from my fantastic coworkers, but still felt oh-so-nervous for it! My feet were literally sweating as I drove to the event!

Well, I'm happy/elated/ecstatic/jazzed to report that both events went fantastically well. I can't sleep they went so well! Last night I couldn't sleep because I just kept walking through all of the details and now I can't sleep because I'm so happy! :) What's a girl to do!?

One downfall of the evening was that I missed dinner because I needed to go to ComedySportz to get our tickets just as dinner was being served. My sweet tablemates saved me some of the family-style meal from Chiang Mai Thai, but they were concerned that it was cold. They talked with our server who decided to get fresh food from the kitchen for me - how sweet! When I had taken two bites, I had to leave again for the next part of the evening. However, the server offered to box it up and put it in the fridge for me so I could come back after ComedySportz to get my dinner. Again, how sweet and thoughtful!

Now I sit at home, Pad Thai in hand, finally enjoying my supper. I found a Mike's hard lemonade in the fridge and am treating myself to a late-night snack and drink. My blistered feet (darn those cute shoes!) are propped on the coffee table and I'm feeling relaxed for the first time this week. What a satisfying feeling to have had the chance to be a part of two really great events today. Thank you, Lord, that they both went so smoothly.

A few takeaways for you from my day today:
  • Chiang Mai Thai knows how to host group events. Check them out if you have a group or even just you!
  • Always put more band-aids in your purse than you think you'll need. They're great for helping your feet manage in uncomfortable shoes.
  • In case you're wondering - yes, I do feel a little like Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice right now with my Pad Thai. "I'll have a number four, a number nine, make that two number fours and also a number eleven."

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  1. Glad it went so well, Amber! It was a little nerve-wracking to even read about! I'm hosting a baby shower at our house this Saturday, as well... definitely a lot of work! :)