Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Pictures

Zac and I have been privileged to take photos of our friends' son since birth. About every 3 months we get together with them and spend a couple hours shooting pictures. Here are some of my favorites from our recent session where he is 9 months old.

I love that face. Just hangin' out.

Last time we took pictures, he was just pushing himself up off the ground. Now he is crawling, crawling, crawling! He attacked our front steps and got up there in 15 seconds flat!

Now this picture...this picture has a story. We set him up on a chair, and he kept wanting to reach down to the ground. He would tip a little each time he tried to reach for what was 2 feet below him. As I was looking through the lens taking pictures, I noticed him tip a little too far.

Before I knew it, my hand snapped out to get him. (Keep in mind, I'm seeing this all through the camera!). I got one of his arms and he did a slow somersault/twist off the chair and I lowered him down until his head touched the ground safely. Well, to say he was shook up would be an understatement. His mom put him back on the chair and he looked at me with this face, and locked eyes as if to say, "You did this to me!!!"

He didn't need words to communicate, I certainly got the message!

Here he is looking for big brother, who's in the back. They've got a special connection already!

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