Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Crafting Conundrum

I was making birthday cards yesterday in my craft room. I was very excited to use my new rub-on stickers that I purchased at a garage sale, and I carefully pulled them out of the package. If you've never used these, you'll have to check them out. You place the picture or phrase you want to use on your card, and then you rub the sticker with a popsicle stick and it moves from adhering to a clear plastic sheet to adhering to your card.

It was warm in our house (see previous post about no AC), and the stickers were a little...well...sticky. I picked up one of them and accidentally caught my finger on the "H" of "Happy Birthday." I pulled my hand away and the H was stuck to my finger.

Not sure what to do, I carefully lined my finger back up with the plastic in hopes to stick it back on. This did not work. Instead, I got the "a" of "Happy Birthday" stuck to my finger too! I figured to try and get it back on the plastic sheet was useless at this point (lest I also pick up "ppy," so I cut my losses and tried to pick the letters off my fingertip.

It didn't work. They were stuck.

I took a picture of it just to show you the irony.

Click on the picture to take a closer look.

Yep indeed, the tip of my finger reads "Ha." Oh, the irony! I laughed out loud for quite awhile, then finally was able to get the letters off of my hand!

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