Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life Without Air Conditioning

We almost didn't buy our current house because it didn't have air conditioning. We thought to ourselves, how can anyone survive without AC in Minnesota? We moved forward on the house anyway with the intention of installing air conditioning as soon as possible.

Three years later, we're still without.

Here are a couple of things I have noticed about my life without air conditioning:

I only whine about wanting AC on the really hot days,when it's 90 or above. Most other days I don't think about how strange it is that we don't have it.

Two window AC units, strategically placed, can work wonders.

I love having the windows open the majority of summer days.

A fan is a beautiful, wonderful invention.

I spend more time outside in the evenings because the temperature has cooled down outside even though the house is still warm.

I appreciate and understand the value of shade.

My body can adjust to the temperature in nature. After a particularly warm spell let up recently, I found myself shivering. The temperature was "all the way down" to 77 degrees!

I have enough friends with AC whose houses I can visit on the unbearable days! :)

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  1. I definitely don't think AC is a necessity in MN. Growing up, we used ours usually only 5 days of the entire summer. I'm pretty sure we could have survived those 5 days without, but it was nice not to have too! Hope you're surviving the heat!