Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Shower!

I have been a busy bee getting ready for my sister's baby shower, which we held this past Saturday. My mom, cousin, and I have been planning this thing for months and it was finally time to see it all come together!

Through the help of some friends, we had many great ideas for a Classic Winnie the Pooh shower. My talented friend Anne made the cakes and they were nearly too cute to eat. However, it's a good thing we did eat them because they were delicious!

My creative friend Kelly gave me some decorating ideas. We had party favors from Winnie the Pooh's friend Rabbit. They were carrot-shaped bags filled with a candy corn and peanut mixture. There were honey-jar shaped cookies to eat, and even a few stuffed Pooh bears around the room, one of whom had helium balloons attached to his arm in honor of the time Pooh tried to trick the bees into thinking he was a bee. I made table clothes that matched the Classic Pooh colors, and placed an old-school Pooh book as the centerpiece on each table. Outside my house I placed a sign that read "100 Acre Wood" so that guests would know they were at the right place!

For games, we modified a popular game to involve Pooh's friend Owl. My sister is having a girl, so each guest was given a sheet that read, "You never know whoooo she'll be - she could..." and then they had to fill in a story from their childhood of something funny, silly, or mischievous that they did! We exchanged papers and read them to my sister who had to guess which story belonged to which guest. My sister rocked at this game, by the way. I have no idea how she guessed so many!

The other game we did involved tiny baby bottles frozen in ice cubes. Each guest was given one, and the first person to get their bottle out of the ice won a prize. The gifts were jars of honey, from local bees raised by friends of mine and their children at Krosch Gardens. Side note - they have a blog about their bees and it is fascinating!

We had a great time, and I was blessed to have a VERY capable extended family to help everything come together. About 30 minutes before the shower, my house was flooded with family members finishing egg bakes, collecting pens for the games, decorating the food table - I even put my pregnant sister to work! I was amazed how all of these ladies came together and just knew what to do. The shower could not have happened without them. There were so many players from the beginning planning stages to the implementation and clean-up. So many times I think I can do things on my own (See #4 listed here), but I see how much more beautiful things can be when we work together.

And to baby Sylvia: we are excited you're coming into this world soon! You have a lot of people who care about you and your mom, and even more importantly, you have some really cute clothes for the first year of your life!

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