Monday, October 17, 2011

God Came Near

To be honest with you, 2011 has been a place of spiritual dryness more often than not. I know God is there, I know it, but I don't always feel it. That wouldn't be such a problem if I were a more knowledge-based, theological person, but I'm a feeler.

Recently, however, I feel like God and I are walking in step. As I read my Bible, it is making sense to me. It seems clearer than it has in years. I feel in tune with God, and I feel like he is near.

The funny thing is, though, that God doesn't change. He is not one who moves close to his people, then farther away. We are the ones who move...I am the one who has moved.

To prove this point even further - in the recent weeks that I have felt him near, I have begun to do a weekly Bible study with a friend, read my Bible more mornings each week, and have also picked up my guitar again and started singing worship songs to God. Why am I surprised that he feels near? I'm clearly moving toward him again!

Oh, Amber.

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