Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ethiopia 2 - Eighteen Gifts

While in Ethiopia, we did some intense shopping.  In one of our adoption circles we heard of a family who gave their child a gift from their birth country each year.  We wanted to do the same, so we set out to collect 18 gifts.

I'm torn - I REALLY want to tell you what we got, but should Feven stumble upon this post someday, I don't want her to find out all her gifts!

Zac and I had so much fun choosing gifts for her.  We imagined what type of things she would like at different points in her life.  We got her a mix of toys, Ethiopia memorabilia, and jewelry/grown-up things. 

We plan to give her a gift each year on her Gotcha Day.  This is a term often used within adoptive families to mark and celebrate the day that their child became theirs.  Some families choose the day the adoption was made legal in the foreign court, others choose the day when they took custody of their child, and still others celebrate Gotcha Day on the day they return to the states with their child.

Our Gotcha Day for Feven is April 7th, the day we took custody of her.  I guess you'll have to check back then to see what we got for her!  :)

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