Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Would Say We Were Crazy...

On Saturday I gathered with 6 of my college friends, their significant others, and all of our children.  The entire crew totaled 14 adults and 10 children.  That sounds like enough crazy for this introverted gal, but let me add to the details that the oldest child was three and a half.  That's right - we had 10 children all under the age of 4!

Our friend who was hosting did a fantastic job baby-proofing her house, so we could let the little ones play without worrying about their safety.  There was even a "kiddie corral" of sorts filled with toys and secured by a large baby gate!

Somehow the men quickly migrated out to the deck to sit in the shade of the canopy and visit in the afternoon breeze.  I think it also had something to do with the beer cooler sitting on the deck!  That left all of us women inside with all the kids.  It ended up being okay, though, because as the kids played together (beautifully, I might add!), we reminisced about our time in college and got updates on what everyone has been up to recently.

The day went by quickly, and all-too-soon it was time to say our goodbyes.  I am grateful that I was able to make many life-long friends in college.  I am also thankful that we continue to get together.  It's been quite awhile since the entire crew was gathered together in the same place, but over the years the pieced-together groups at gatherings allow us to connect and maintain the friendships started over 10 years ago.

A few mental snapshots I'll take with me:
  • 4 highchairs lined up in a row around the kitchen table
  • Two moms racing to save a little one who went down the slide into the pool for the first time and went underwater.  The moms collided and overshot the pool, missing the child!
  • The newest baby sleeping on her mom's chest in a Moby wrap as we talked on the patio
  • A kitchen counter full of delicious food prepared from all corners of the Midwest and brought to share
  • Dairy Queen ice cream cake (in following our tradition!)
  • One of the dads walking through the kiddie corral and saying, "I think I stepped in something wet over there."

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