Friday, July 27, 2012

Ethiopia 2 - Thanks for Joining Me!

Thank you for joining me as I walked back through our trip to Ethiopia to bring Feven home.  It meant a lot to share stories and pictures with you.  I have more of both, but you'll just have to ask about them next time you see me!  :)

In case you missed an entry, here is the compiled list of posts about our second trip:
  1. The Explanation of My Silence
  2. Preparations
  3. New Friends
  4. Reuniting
  5. So Close, But Not Yet
  6. My Daughter's Hometown
  7. Scared Eyes
  8. A Beggar, A To-Go Box, and How My Life Changed Forever
  9. Guest House
  10. God Trying to Get Through to Me
  11. 18 Gifts
  12. A Trip to the Clinic
  13. A Common Mishap
  14. Sleeping
  15. Hello Again (meeting Feven's mother a second time)
  16. The (Long) Plane Ride Home
  17. The Palace
  18. Hard at Work
  19. Goodbye...For Now

Thanks again for taking an interest in Ethiopia and our family!

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