Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Sunday Without Fear

Who thought 10am church was a good idea?  That is right at my little darling's naptime.  I never minded before Feven was with us, but now that she is, it's difficult to get there and ensure that she won't have a meltdown.

She usually takes a nap about 9am, but today in order to be to church on time (which is a 20-minute drive), I had her take a nap at 8am.  I laid beside her and tried to help her sleep to no avail.  She wasn't having it.  Finally FINALLY I got her to fall asleep.  It was 9:08.  I needed to wake her up at 9:30 to leave for church.  Sigh.

Was it even worth it to go?

I mean, even if we did get there on time, she would talk and laugh and screech during the sermon and I would spend the majority of church pacing the hall anyway.  What was the point.

During her (short) nap, I spent some time reading the BBC World News.  I always enjoy hearing what's going on around the world.  I learned that today in Kenya, there were attacks on two churches.  Approximately 7 gunmen used grenades and gunfire to kill at least 7 and injure 40 worshippers.

Can you imagine?  Can you imagine what it's like to be peacefully worshipping God, and then suddenly the whole room turns into panic and those friends and family members of yours are in danger?

I am so saddend that this happened today, and I know it happens in other places too.  I am fortunate that I never fear this when I go to my church.

My biggest challenge in going to church is my daughter's naptime.  In light of what has happened in Kenya today, I think I can handle it.  I have no excuse not to go to church.  And I hope to go gladly in honor and remembrance of those brothers and sisters of mine in Kenya today who have witnessed tragedy.  My thoughts are with them this morning.

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