Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ethiopian New Year!

Today marks the beginning of 2005 in the Ethiopian calendar

We didn't plan a whole lot to celebrate this year, but maybe in future years as Feven grows we will add to the celebration.  However, today we did enjoy Shiro Wat and injera for lunch.

Hold on - don't send out that nomination for "Adoptive Mother of the Year" just yet.  I have to show you what happened...

Even though we've eaten this meal before, when I placed the injera on Feven's tray she looked at it like, "Mom, are you serious?"

I finally got her to touch the bread, but she did so hesitantly. 

I convinced her to let me put a bite in her mouth.  I may have said, "If you take a bit of this I'll give you a bite of yogurt."  Apparently, even though I didn't think it was spicy, it was.  Here she is reacting to her mouth on fire.

No wonder the poor girl freaked out when she saw another bite coming her way!  Oh well.  Happy New Year, and we'll keep working on the Ethiopian cuisine.  As it turned out, I got a very nice, large meal of Shiro Wat for lunch! :)


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