Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Trouble with Smelling the Roses

Back in May I taught Feven how to smell flowers.  We first practiced on lilacs and have since moved on to dandelions, irises, daylilies and even roses.

Here's the problem.  Roses have thorns.

This usually isn't an issue because when Feven bends to smell a flower, she sticks her head waaaaay out and doesn't get close enough to the flower to actually smell it.  Except yesterday.  Yesterday, she fell into the rosebush.  Yes, my beautiful little baby girl FELL INTO THE ROSEBUSH!  She has multiple cuts stretching across her right cheek and cuts on her left hand which she used to try to brace herself as she went down.  She looks awful.  I feel awful. 

We went to a nearby lake yesterday evening to sail, and as I walked with my daughter along the shore, I noticed a woman walking on the path toward us.  We smiled the Minnesota Hello, and as she passed, I blurted, "We had an incident with the rosebush today.  Good thing family photos aren't anytime soon! (chuckle chuckle)"  All the while in my head thinking, "PLEASE don't call Social Services on me!  I PROMISE YOU it was the rosebush!"

To make matters worse, in the 24 hours prior to what I am now referring to as "The Rosebush Incident of 2012," Feven took 3 other falls!  She fell down our [cement!] front porch steps, fell in her room and hit her head on her dresser, and yesterday morning she fell off the bed and hit her head on the nightstand!  Ugh!  This mama heart can't take any more owies!

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