Friday, September 7, 2012

True Confessions: Unproductive

One of the things I've struggled with the most and still am struggling with is my lack of productivity.  Oh, people warned me that once you're a parent, there's no time for anything else.  I listened to them and somewhere deep inside thought, "Yes, but you don't know me.  I can make it happen."

True confession: I can't make it happen.  I really can't get anything done.

I came across a quote from Rachel Campos-Duffy that sums it up well for me:
"But the act of nurturing and caring for children was never intended to be measured by the standards of productivity used in professions outside of the home because much of what you do is unquantifiable.  It is impossible to quantitatively measure the value of a hug, a well-deserved time-out, or the security your children are gaining from spending their day in the company of their mommy..."
So my to-do list sits full of chores that are yet to be crossed off.  Dust is piling up in the corners.  Projects sit on a shelf, waiting for a better time.

BUT, I'm spending my day...

Marveling at shoes.

Playing dress-up.

Laughing as my daughter learns to climb into the tub all by herself.

Cuddling this sweet face.

Chuckling as I find toys in new places.  Seriously, when did she do this?!?

Reading books to her; she brings them to me and then plops down in my lap, waiting for me to begin.

Watching my best friend love his little girl with a powerful, adoring love.

I prefer doing these tasks instead of cleaning.  How can you even think of cleaning when looking at the picture above?  I'm pretty sure 99.99% of the population would choose a hammock with these smiling faces over a broom and dustpan any day.

Even though I have trained myself for 30 years to be "productive," I'm seeing that there is something way more fulfilling.  Way more challenging.  Way more special.  And more rewarding than checking a box. 

It's LIFE.


  1. Amen!!!! I 100% agree with you. So much, that I went back to my archives and found a post that was very much similar. Hopefully it is encouraging to you.

  2. love this post! i was also one of those that couldn't understand what people meant when they said they couldn't get anything done with kids. my house is now a disaster and its driving me crazy but you are right we are actually finally enjoying life!

  3. This is totally what I needed to hear. Enjoy the life around you!

    -Mary in DK