Friday, November 16, 2012

In Awe

Hallway light off, I turn the door handle slowly and firmly, minimizing the latch click until the door opens freely.  I push it open 2 inches and pause, my breath quiet and listening for any sounds of stirring.

I push the door open fully and step long steps, landing my foot gently on each floorboard in a quiet dance to the steady blue light of the baby monitor, visible only faintly in the dark room.

By the light of my cellphone I behold her.  Her sleeping eyes, sweet nose, full cheeks and wild hair.  Seeing her washes away the tension and frustration that dappled the day until I feel my heart beating more slowly, my breath deepening, my furrowed brow releasing as a smile begins. 

Her pajama zipper marks the spot where her play ended and she gave in to sleep.  Reaching down, I connect the two sides of the pajamas again to ensure she'll stay warm through the night.

Blanket bunched in the corner, I lift it until it floats above her, then falls to cover her again.  The soft green and pink fabric, purchased when I only knew her face in a photo, covers her as I hope my love does; tenderly, protectively, unconditionally.

My heart swells with adoration, and I am in awe that I am the one to witness such beauty.

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