Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't You Hate It When God Listens?

Doesn't it irk you sometimes when you've learned that God has been listening to your prayers?

The last week or so I've been praying that God would make me more like Him.  I want him to take out the things in me (oh, there are so many) that are not like him and put into me more things that are like him.  I don't even know where to begin to share with you the things in me that aren't like him and the long list I have of qualities he has that I want.

Well, I MEANT what I prayed, but somehow I also didn't mean it.  I wanted those things but I wanted God to wave a magic wand and shazam!  I would be more like him. 

It turns out he listened and is answering my prayer, but it involves some work on my part.  Oh, I am so lazy.  I don't want to do work.  I don't want to see all the grit and grime in my soul.  I don't want it to be exposed.  I just want it out.

The last 24 hours have given me plenty to work on.  Last night Zac and I were part of a marriage session that focused on communication and what men and women are seeking at their very core.  I learned so much and felt very challenged to pour more effort into our marriage. 

Talking about it with Zac last night, I marveled at how serious athletes spend time training, researching, and seeking advice of experts to become better athletes, but somehow we as a society believe our marriage relationships will thrive if we do nothing.  That's just plain silly.  Marriage takes work, and a healthy marriage takes even more work.  I see some tangible things I can do to be a better wife - and more importantly a better friend - to my husband.

If that weren't enough to work on, today Feven has been acting up.  She threw tantrums at breakfast because I asked her to take a sip of milk.  Good golly!  You'd think I was the evilest mom in the world.  She continued to act out and we ended up with the proverbial spilled milk and tears.  She just wasn't herself. 

I recognized that something was bothering her, but it's much more appealing to comfort a hurting person who has sadness and tears than a hurting person who is acting out in anger with hitting, screeching, and tantrums.  This revelation gave me much to chew on as well.  How do I care for the hurting people in my life and community who are acting out in anger from their hurts verses the people who are acting out in sadness because of their hurts.  This has so many implications and I have only begun to unravel the ball.  I'm pretty sure Jesus embraced all the hurting people, no matter how they were reacting to their hurts. 

God is making me more like himself and more like his son.  He has heard my prayers and is answering them.  It isn't easy, but I know he's in control and he's doing good things in my life.  It seems that the toughest hikes always end with the most breathtaking views.  Here I go...around the next bend...

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  1. This is a beautiful post Amber, you are full of inspiration so thank you for sharing bits of your wisdom.