Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Kindness Comes Back Around

I love Aldi for their prices, but when I go there I always have to remember two things: I need to bring a quarter to use a cart, and I need to bring reusable bags because the grocery bags there aren't free.

A few months ago I had just finished checking out and was bagging my groceries when I noticed a woman beside me trying desperately to fit all of her groceries into one of the discarded produce boxes.  

I looked at the five reusable bags in my hand, knowing that I would not fill them all, and made a decision to offer her one of my bags.  After reassuring her I wouldn't need it and that it would make me happy to share, she took it. 

You can check the security cameras, but I'm pretty sure I floated out the door.  It felt so good to help someone else.  It felt so good to share what I had.

Fast forward to last week.  I was shopping in the evening at Aldi and had found more things than I came for.  (Who can resist their low, low prices?)  As I waited for my turn at the cash register, a woman and her little girl were just leaving the store and happened to roll their cart past my line.  She glanced my way, saw my cart, noticed I had no grocery bags, and handed me an extra one she had. 

I was baffled!  It was deja vu but this time I was on the other side.  I was grateful for her kindness and touched by her generosity.

I guess it's worth checking the security cameras again, because I just might have floated out from the store a second time.  What a privilege to watch kindness come back around.

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