Friday, January 4, 2013

Feven's First Christmas

We had a great first Christmas as a family.  It was a delight to have a young child around to experience again the magic of Christmas.

Zac and I chose a few special gifts for Feven this year.  She received a ball to replace one we had lost.  She enjoys kicking her ball around the house or stuffing it under the couch.  Thankfully, the one we got her does not fit under the couch.  We also gave her a picture domino set.  She isn't able to use it yet, but hopefully in the upcoming months we can teach her how to play.  My favorite gift that we gave her, though, was a special doll I got for her.

Feven loves babies and tenderly cares for all of her dolls.  I saw a doll like this 4 years ago and through a series of remarkable events, I was able to buy one for Feven this year.  This doll is hand-made by women in Africa, Uganda to be specific (I think!).  They were made to raise money for Show Mercy International, a non-profit providing short and long-term mission trips to care for abused and abandoned children in Uganda. 

One of the reasons I love this doll and knew Feven would too is that it has a baby on its back!  Feven loves carrying her baby dolls on her back.  We tie them on with a dish towel or small blanket.  I thought she would flip seeing a doll with a baby on ITS back!  Zac thinks it's great because now Feven can have a baby on her back with a baby on its back.  Did that just blow your mind?

Here is a video of Feven opening her gift.  Note how she does get more excited about seeing the box than the doll.  :)  I guess we're just in that stage of life!


  1. okay, I LOVE this!
    I love "cheese" and all those little expressions, and just getting to see her in motion, SO cute!