Monday, May 6, 2013

We Made It! (aka My Baby's Back)

Zac has spent 9 of the last 11 days in Mexico for work.  I think he has made close to ten trips now over the course of the last few years for this particular work project.  Feven and I are getting better and better about surviving (and thriving!) when he's gone, but his presence is always preferred to his absence.

I'm also getting better about lowering my expectations for when he's gone.  While there have been trips at the onset that I thought, "Wouldn't it be so fun if I got the kitchen painted while he's gone?  Wouldn't that be a fun surprise?" I now make it my goal to have Feven and I fed and clothed by the day's end.  Anything above that is strictly a bonus and not an expectation. I can't pinpoint what exactly is so hard about his absence, but there's something markedly different when he's gone. 

He returned yesterday afternoon, and Feven and I were outside in the front yard when his car pulled up.  She had a piece of sidewalk chalk in each hand and went careening toward his car as soon as she saw it.  With the biggest smile on her face she greeted him with, "Miss you!  Up!"  We all were pretty happy to see one another. 

I imagine if you would have seen the three of us, you would have thought you were catching the final scene of a Hallmark movie.  So be it.  My baby's back!

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