Friday, April 26, 2013

ONE (more) TIME!!!!

Feven and I were at a new park this morning.  The park had a GREAT slide, among other things.  As we were approaching the time we needed to leave, I told her, "You can go down the slide one more time, then we need to go home."

We went down again and it was the best ride of them all!  When we got to the bottom I picked her up to take her home, but she frantically squirmed and tried to get out of my arms whining and yelling, "ONE TIME!!!  ONE TIME!!!"  She wanted to go down one more time.

She's got me thinking.  What are the things in MY life that I feel that way about? What are those things that as soon as they're over I find myself desperate to do again?  Do I have enough or even any of those things in my life?

I don't know if I have answers yet.  I need to do some more thinking.

How about you?

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