Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Changing Conditions

This past weekend we visited some friends in Bismarck, ND. After a great weekend, we began our 6-hour trip home a little earlier on Sunday than originally planned due to a looming mid-February snow storm.

We left early because the weather reports were suggesting that this could be a snowstorm big enough to rival our December one. That was a big one. We had 17 inches of snow and things really slowed down in the cities. Leaving early seemed like the smart decision.

We knew we wouldn't be driving in the storm the whole way, just about half of it. However, after we had been on the road for 4 hours and still not seen a single flake, I began feeling foolish for leaving so early.

4.5 hours. Nothing.

5 hours. Nothing.

5 hours and 1 minute. A flake. Then another. Then some more. Soon it was really snowing and there was accumulating snow on the road. Once we entered the metro area, the wind was whipping the snow around and we could hardly see the road signs before needing to turn.

When we got off the highway near our home, we could scarcely see a half block ahead of us. Was this really happening?!? Just an hour prior there was not a flake to be had, and now we were in an all out blizzard.

Metaphorically, I've had days like this before. Have you? You're going along just fine and then something happens and you feel like you're in a blizzard. Maybe it's a frustrating phone call or email you received. Perhaps you had a bad interaction with someone during the day. Maybe you just started coming down with a cold or flu and everything changed.

What can we do when our days change from easy driving to blizzards?

On my hard days, I try to remember to breathe. Sometimes I make a gratitude list to remind myself of the things in my life that are going well that I'm thankful for. On really rough blizzard days in my life, I leave my Bible open near me so that I can have quick access to God's words. If it isn't possible to have my Bible with me, I'll write a comforting scripture verse or two on a recipe card and keep it in my back pocket.

Watch out for changing conditions in your life, and make sure to be prepared.

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  1. Great thoughts. And I am glad you left early and made it home safely!