Friday, February 4, 2011

Doro Wat - The Finished Product

In Doro Wat, we started with the onions, then added some spices, and now to complete the dish you need chicken...and eggs. After you peel the hard boiled eggs, you slightly score them before adding them to the stew so that the flavor seeps in. Yum!

Here is the wat cooking. It's pretty soupy at this point, but I left it on the stove for another hour after this, and it cooked down nicely.

Below is the cooked-down wat. This was about the consistency it was at when we served it. I think it looks like sloppy joes. :)

The Outtakes
Now, you know from the blog about the onions that I had quite a bit of down time on my hands while the wat was cooking. I decided to wash and freeze some blueberries for smoothies.

And that didn't kill enough time, so I made some granola!

Yep, wat still cooking...

I didn't want my house to smell like onions for years from now, so I did my best to contain the cooking smells in the kitchen by opening the kitchen window, even though it was only 8 degrees....

...and setting up a fan by the cooking onions to blow toward the window...

...and setting up a fan by the living room to blow the air away from the living room...

...and shutting every door possible! It was amazing to me how, after spending 5 minutes in one of these rooms with a closed door, I would come out into the main part of the house and be hit with the smell of cooking onions. The closed doors really worked well to contain the cooking smells.

I had a fantastic time cooking Ethiopian for the first time. I know I'll do it again. Maybe next time for you!

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