Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Kids Day

Today I was lucky enough to leave work early and go for a walk with my best friend and her two kids. The weather was perfect and we walked and talked for quite awhile. Near the end of our walk, her 3-year-old son asked, "Do you want to play with me, Amber?"

How could I turn that down? It melted my heart. Of course I would play with him! When we got back to his house, my friend took the basketball hoop out of the garage and put it in the driveway. He and I shot hoops for awhile together, sometimes including his little sister. It was a great memory.

AND, his little sister who still sometimes wonders about me, started to cry when I left! I think this was mostly due to the fact that we were playing a fun game right before I left where she would step on and off the porch step; however, I still took her tears as a sign that we were connecting.

This evening Zac and I were at another friends' house and I got a chance to hold their 3-month old baby. He started talking and talking and talking to me with the little coos and sounds that babies make. He told me all about his day and his house and his cat. Well, God only knows what he was really saying, but this is the conversation I pretended we were having. It was so fun to make eye contact with him and interact with him in that way.

What a blessed day enjoying the children in our lives. Thank you to our friends who allow Zac and I to be a part of their lives and their kids' lives.

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