Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lights Out on Old Habits

As you know, our power was out on Sunday. Click here to catch up if you haven't read that blog. I've been doing a little reflecting about that day, and I'm wondering if you can relate...

Zac and I knew the power was off. Our activities were altered because we didn't have power; however, we kept trying to turn on the lights! Zac had to go downstairs, so he opened the basement door and flipped the switch. He laughed at himself, then trotted down the stairs. He proceeded to go into the basement and pulled on the cord to the light bulb in the storage area. EVEN THOUGH not 10 seconds before he was reminded that we had no power, he still pulled on the cord out of habit.

I tried to turn on the lights when I went into the bedroom and bathroom. We continued trying to turn lights on out of habit, even though we knew we had no power. The routine of turning on a light is so ingrained in us that our brains can't work fast enough to tell us not to before we've already tried the switch.

What habits are sitting around in our lives that are like trying to turn on lights when the power is out? What things do we do without thinking? Are any of these habits negative?

Take some time today to find your light switch habits. Let me know what you come up with!

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