Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writing Your Life Story

I attended a beautiful wedding this weekend. My cousin Corey got married to a sweetheart named Nicole. One thing that was said during the wedding really stood out to me, and I hope I remember it all my life.

The officiant said that each day we are writing the story of our lives. Our attitude and how we choose to react to the things that happen to us are the bits that are scribbled down in our life story.

It made me wonder, what is my life story like so far? It also made me want to give each day the very best.

I had a chance to practice that today. Zac and I had a busy afternoon filled with friends and errands, and a little frustration too. We were running late to meet some friends and had some space heaters in the back of our car. They're supposed to stay upright, but of course they were tipping as we were quickly taking corners to arrive less late. One tipped so badly that we had to pull over to fix it. Not the best thing when you want to scurry as fast as you can to make up time.

I realized that I wanted to be mad and frustrated, but then I remembered what I heard. Today, I am adding pages to the story of my life. Do I want to include frustration?

The answer came easily - no way! I was able to cast aside the encroaching frustration, and merrily hop out of the car to fix the heaters in the back. I chose not to add frustration to my March 27th entry in life.

It felt great to be able to make that choice, and to instead fill my day with memories of friends and my faithful husband.

What is being written in your life story today?

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