Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Give What Each One Needs

I carefully nudged each plant out of the black plastic containers. The small plantings fell into my hand and the dirt slipped through my fingers. I picked up my spade and chose each one's new home in the flower pot. My favorite part was pushing the dirt back into the hole, covering the roots and stabilizing the plant.

I felt particular concern for one little set of white impatiens. They were so little! As I moved the dirt around them, I did it more gently than when I was working with the other plants. I carefully worked around the thin stems and gave the plant extra support. When I watered this little one, I was watching to make sure I only watered close to the dirt and didn't wilt the stems by pouring from too high up.

This reminded me of some seminars I have attended this year on teaching. While I certainly won't be able to articulate it as well as the presenters I've seen, I do think it's worth noting. When we think of how students should be treated in schools, we often think it should be the same, or equal. However, we would not want a doctor to give us all the same prescription if we had different symptoms! A good school is not one where they are giving all students the same kind of attention/education/assignments. A good school is one where the staff is giving all students what they need. To be fair to all students, we have to give each student what they need, and hold each student to their own individual highest standard.

In order to be fair to my plants tonight, I had to give them different treatment. In order for each of them to thrive, I had to find out what each needed. My little white impatiens needed some careful planting, so I gave them careful planting. My tomato plants needed rich soil, so I added compost. My basil plant needed protection from the rabbits, so I put a cage around it. My marigolds needed water, so I gave them extra water.

I hope all my plants will thrive this year because I looked for what they needed and gave it to them. I hope the same for all the students I see each day.

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